Viewpoints Tour – PRAGUE

Starting point: Revolucni 8, Praha (very close to shopping mall Palladium or shopping center Kotva)

The tour begins in Revolucni street (Revolucni 8) next to the Palladium shopping mall or the Kotva shopping center. It continues through Dvorak’s waterfront all the way to the Letna gardens.

Places of interest to see: Stefanik´ Bridge, Letna garden, Metronome, Hanava Pavillion, Cech Bridge.

Our expert tour guides will teach you to ride Ninebot (which is very similar to Segway PT) before the tour begins. With a little practice, the Ninebots will feel like an extension of your body. It is easy to learn because it does the balancing for you. You do not need any special skills or even good balance

Important to note:
- riders must be 10 years old or older
- anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult on a separate Ninebot
- helmets are required for all riders and will be provided free of charge. Feel free to bring your own helmet if you have one
- close-toed shoes are recommended for safety and comfort reasons
- riders must weigh between 35 kg and 100 kg
- riders will be accompanied by an instructor
- each rider will need to sign a responsibility contract

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