Prague TOURS – Discover Prague

Come and experience one of our unique Prague tours on a two-wheeled electric vehicle that will follow your every command. Just gently move your body forward or backward and the Ninebot vehicle will follow – as if controlled by your mind. Use its energy and have fun with it and with one of our instructors.
  • A very special tour and a great experience. You’ll have no trouble commanding the vehicle. Have fun!

    Simona Bartáková
  • Two hours of great time and spectacular Prague vistas. Highly recommended!

    Jan Nevsimal
  • A really extraordinary tour. We discovered new places and spots that were absolutely worth visiting.

    Karel Novotny

Electric Transporter NINEBOT

On our tours, we use two-wheeled electric vehicles that are easily commanded just like Segway PT (Personal Transporter). Their size and characteristics are, however, better suited for moving around the city. Ninebots have electric motors powered by batteries, which can be charged from household current.